Upping our game with FREE shipping!

East of the Mississippi at least! Things have been slow with Bear Trail Beef for a while, however we are bringing it back! The past couple months we have been experimenting with different shipping scenarios and new, better, and cheaper packing. I'm happy to say we have successfully reduced our shipping, packaging, and dry ice costs and we are passing the savings on to you!

Bear Trail Beef is going to get much better. One of the big changes we are making is to step back from production and focus on the marketing and distrabution. I will explain more on why this is later, but for now, we are partnering with some excellent grass-fed farmers that can produce both more quantity, and higher quality on a consistent basis than we could. We've found that our strong point is handling the logistical and marketing side, so we are going to focus on that. It's very hard to do both marketing/distrabution, and the actual production at the same time. So we are going to do what we are good at, and team up with farmers who are good at what they do. 

We will be expanding the product bundles we offer but for now... Shipping is FREE in all states east of the Mississippi and the shipping to the west coast is much cheaper than it was. So check it out!

We only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays. Our next shipping day is June 24th

Mohawk Farmer Bear




  • Hey Tom, That is definitely possible. Send me an email if you want to arrange that. Thanks!

    Mohawk Farmer Bear
  • Is it possible to trade with silver, goldbacks, or in combination with fiat?

    Tom - Skeptical Bear

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