24lb Beartarian Basics Beef bundle back in stock!

Happy New Year

This time last year Bear Trail Beef was just an idea. We didn't know anything about shipping meat and getting it to customers still frozen. But when we asked, the response from the bears was overwhelmingly, go for it! So we did!

Almost a year later and we have shipped over 100 boxes of beef to fellow bears. Right around 2000lbs of meat total. Plus we've had a number of bears come directly to the farm to purchase. We've been amazed and thankful for the support and loyalty of the bears. We've done pretty much no marketing aside from IG this year and between the bears and our regular farm customers, we've been selling everything we can raise.

In fact, we are trying to figure out how to expand so we can raise more just to keep up with demand. There are a number of challenges to figure out this year, but we are excited about the future. Thanks to the bears who gave us a chance and bought from us this year. And a big thanks to Owen for building this amazing community that made such a venture possible.

Happy New Year bears! Onward to a new year of more building and crushing.

Photo credit: Camera Bear

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