Welcome to Bear Trail Beef

My goal in starting up BearTrailBeef is to provide an alternative to the beast system to all who might want it. Specifically to other Bears.  Big Ag, chain grocery stores, factory farms, all of that serves those who want cheap food. But it comes at a price. That price is food without nutrition, lack of flavor, soil erosion, toxic environments for livestock, and food grown thousands of miles from where the consumer lives. 

Our products are more expensive. They are more expensive because they reflect the real cost of growing food. The avarage income of a farmer in America in 2018 was something like -$1800. Read that again... that's a negative income... not an income at all. Most food in this country is produced at a loss by those who grow it. If I am to provide an alternative food source for folks and raise a family, I can't run a farm at a loss. 

What I can do is grow food with real nutrition that feeds my family and your family. Soil health, healthy animals, productive land without artificial chemicals, local supply chains, building. That is what BearTrailBeef is about. 

If you want to help us with building and growing real food, then buy our products! If our products are currently out of your price range then grow what you can grow, or help other homesteaders who are growing. We aren't the only alternative to the food system and there's many ways to source your food. But... if you are in a place to help us build, then I hope you will! Thanks for checking us out and please spread the word. Onward!

Mohawk Farmer Bear

Jordan Winters

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