What should we grow this year?

Don't buy local food out of panic.

Ever since this whole covid thing started I've had many folks that buy from us out of fear. Fear of no food in the grocery store. Fear of having to go out in public. Fear of many other things.

While its been good for business in the short term, those are not the customers I want to attract. They tend to go as quickly as they came. I want you to buy from us out of hope because you believe in what we are doing with the farm.

My goal at Bear Trail Beef is to be part of building an alternative food system and to attract customers that want to be part of building that locally. My desire is to grow food that feeds my neighbors, that fills larders with nutrient dense food, and to do that in a way that nurtures the land and passes it on better and more productive to the next generation.

Now its time to take things to the next level. For the last 7 years I've been working a full time job, 50+ hours a week on top of the farm. We are now at the point that to really grow the farm I need to be on it full time. I know some of you have been frustrated with me at times for slow responses and delays in getting product ready. I do apologize but there simply wasn't enough time in the day to get everything done. Farming full time will give me the time to focus on you, our customers and supporters, improve our customers service, and produce more food in a timely manner. To make that jump, we need to be producing more. That brings me to the next question...

What do YOU want us to grow here at Bear Trail Beef? Here's a few ideas but I am open to any and all suggestions. I really want to know what it is that the community needs. Obviously, some products will only be available locally.

Raw Milk - I'm thinking of bringing it back on a small scale, probably members only

Eggs- GMO free, possibly soy free eggs

Pastures Meat Chickens. - If there's enough interest

Thanksgiving turkeys

Lamb - We're in the process of building a flock. It's happening either way but this will take a few years to get going.

Let me know what YOU want and what you are willing to pay. What ever we do, we need to make sure it allows us to keep farming and to grow the farm.

Of course, Grassfed beef and pastured pork will remain the centerpiece of the farm production.

As always, Thank you all for supporting our farm!


Jordan Winters

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  • Raw Milk would be wonderful,
    the idea we need permission to grow any food and or sell any food must end.

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